Small Rustic White Twig Heart

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Do you have a small space which needs a little statement piece? Check out this gorgeous handmade twig heart! It can be styled alone or within a cluster of three.

Handmade from real twigs, which are then cut into a heart shape and finished with a white paint. Paint work is rustic and not made to be perfect, this is to add charm and character to the item. 


Approx 37cm high

Approx 35cm wide


PLEASE NOTE: This item is handmade from natural materials and is intentionally made to look rustic, which includes imperfections and a rustic finish to the paint such as chips and gaps in the paint. If you do not like rustic items then this product is not for you.... Please also note that each product is handmade so allow minor differences to colour and sizing. They are made from sticks so they will have splits in the corners where the twigs bend, the bark may be peeling and cracked. This is NORMAL for a product made from natural materials. Please make sure you are happy with this before buying because no refunds or exchanges will be given due to this. Please see the photos for examples of these imperfections.