Meet The Team

The Cheshire Gift Company has changed a lot in the last 12 months and has come a long way from Lucy wrapping parcels alone in her garage. Since we moved into the warehouse in August 2020, we have expanded into a small team and thought it was about time we introduced ourselves properly.

Lucy - The Boss Lady
Lover of tea, white wine and Mini Eggs. Often found on the phone to suppliers, wandering around the warehouse looking lost in thought and commenting on her lack of sleep. Has a massive appreciation for her team, customers, weighted blankets and all things pink! 
Shantelle - Queen of the Warehouse
Shantelle manages the warehouse; staff, logistics and the picking & packing of your orders. Her natural habitat is in the gym or somewhere random like the top of a mountain, needless to say she has a huge enthusiasm for all things sport and can unload a pallet full of vases in 0.4 seconds flat. Also full of random knowledge. 
Becky - Expert of The 'Gram
Never seen without her phone in her hand, Becky is our digital marketing manager and there's nothing she doesn't know about Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and all the other medias. Lover of neutral colours, dog walks and her egg chair. Often found on her day off with a cold G&T in hand and faffing with flowers. 
Georgia - The Glam Admin 
Georgia is our dedicated admin person and is always on hand to answer your queries. Often found in full makeup, perfect hair and lots of lip gloss, she really is the glamour of the company. Loves her snacks and rarely seen without a pack of lentil curls. Always freezing, even in the summer and often wrapped in a blanket.
Steph - Creator of The Mystery Box
Steph joined us as a Christmas temp in 2020 but we loved her so much that she's now a fully fledged member of the team and is currently doing an apprenticeship with us. Steph's biggest labour or love was the Christmas mystery box. She's our fabulous in-house baker, lover of comfy pjs and never been known to turn down a brew!
Talia - The Cheese & Bean Expert
Talia loves her cheesy beany chips on Friday and has kicked off quite a trend with the rest of the team following her meal choice. Talia is the boss when it comes to wrapping your ceramics with a peppermint tea and can be found at a weekend with a cheeky cocktail in hand. 
Carys - The Secret Vase Hoarder
Carys loves a good vase and is often spotted sneaking a new one into her house every payday. Loves wrapping parcels and appreciates a good true crime podcast. A massive fan of hot chocolate and often found getting stressed over the shredder. 
Anais - The Pocket Rocket
The tiniest member of the team but bursting with energy. Anais is our new digital marketing apprentice and loves all things photography. Lucy knew she was the right person for the job straight away because she had pink hair. Often brings the team doughnuts.