About Us

Hello, I'm Lucy - single mum to Bobby, Mini Egg lover and living my best life. I started The Cheshire Gift Company in 2016 from my garage and nearly threw in the towel at least 4 times before it really got going. I have always loved interiors and decorating, so once I had restyled my own house, I started shopping around for pieces for friends and family. Even though I now have my own warehouse and team, we are still a small, family run business with the same ethics and values as back in 2016.


How did The Cheshire Gift Company start?

To begin with, I didn't even have a website. I used to do market stalls around the North West to sell my products, which I did in addition to my full time job. Friends and family would come along to help me too; anything from unloading the van, packing up items, or just keeping me company and bringing me hot cups of tea in the freezing weather! I look back at this time with such fond memories and am forever thankful for the belief those around me had in both me and the business, even when I used to cry because I had stood on a stall in -2 degrees and sold nothing in 10 hours. 

After two years of stalls, I moved the business online but didn't have enough money for a website designer, so I watched YouTube and built it myself. During the pandemic in 2020, the online business thrived and I was able to quit my job and concentrate on The Cheshire Gift Company full time. I took on a warehouse in July 2020, then panicked at the thought of paying rent and needing staff. Somehow, having had no business experience, we are still here going strong today. Mistakes have been made and tears have been shed, but with hard work, determination and the best team around me, it's fair to say that I have learnt a lot in two years.



Why The Cheshire Gift Company?

When I started The Cheshire Gift Company, I wanted to find something different, something you couldn't find in bargain shops; things that were high quality but not out of budget for the 'normal' person. To this day, I am committed to finding the best crafts people who deliver high quality handmade items that are guaranteed to make the perfect gift. I constantly compare my prices to the high street to ensure you are receiving a unique gift at pocket friendly prices. I try my best to stock a range of items to please all budgets. 

I carefully choose items either made in the UK by dedicated crafts people at other small businesses, or I work closely with a companies who operate a Fairtrade policy for all of their staff.

I am passionate about the planet and I feel strongly about stocking products that are made from natural materials. My packaging is all recyclable and our team make sure we reuse as much as we can, we even have Susan the shredder to shred our waste cardboard to pad out your parcels!

Everything is lovingly wrapped by hand, tied with our signature blush pink ribbon and finished with a hand written message. I really like my customers to feel that they have bought themselves a gift.




In terms of the team, what can I say?! Such a fantastic bunch of hard working ladies, I would be lost without them. We like nothing more than wrapping your parcels at the packing benches whilst listening to a true crime podcast!

We all pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and look forward to welcoming you to our website and our brand new shop, which is opening on 9th June 2022. Every single customer is important to me and the team, your support is always so appreciated and never taken for granted. We just love wrapping your parcels and working hard for you!




What's your plan for the future? 

I love watching other small businesses grow and find female entrepreneurs so inspiring. As a mum and business owner, I understand how difficult it can be for women to find their place in the workplace around childcare and love offering my staff equal opportunities, whilst encouraging women to support other women. I offer all my staff flexible working, happy staff makes for a happy work place. They even bring their pets in too! Life is so much better when we all cheerlead for each other. 


In the next few years, I hope to grow my exclusive range. There is so much to look forward to and I feel like we are only just starting! Thank you for being part of this journey with me.

Lucy xx

Director/Founder of The Cheshire Gift Company