Styling for small outdoor spaces

Styling for small outdoor spaces

We frequently get asked about styling small spaces. Recently I spent some time in a small courtyard at a cottage. One challenge I was happy to accept. 

The owner didn't want much, just something to make it look different during the summer months. I had a table to work with but I wanted to add some The Cheshire Gift Company flare so here is my take on a small courtyard space...

I'm a huge fan of plants so where I can add some colour I will. Our Set of Two Oval Planters are the perfect piece for small spaces. Reason being is when you aren't using them over the winter months, they can slot inside each other so they are easy to store. 

Another item which is fantastic for small spaces are our wicker tray tables. These tables are available in two colours (white or grey) and collapse meaning your can store them under the stairs or even store them within your home too. They are the perfect piece for an extra table outside. 

Finally my last tip is having some of our concrete lanterns, you can either use our Bloomville Star Lanterns or the Geometric Sconce Lanterns as these can be left outside over the winter. If you prefer not to leave them out, they will sit perfectly inside as well.

If you have any questions on what will work inside and outside, send us a message and we will happily advise you on what we think will work in your space. You can email us on or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.